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WSGA 1632 – Auto Down Feed


WSGA 1632
Auto Down Feed Grinder

Eastern Tools manual hand fed precision surface grinders are a toolmakers choice. Its ease of operation  and design makes it a popular standard. It has the built-in documented accuracy for  grinding to the precision tolerances required for today’s metalworking shops. And even with its low price many features are standard.


Main Features:

• 2hp wheel spindle motor
• Fine graduations of travel dials
• High precision cartridge wheel spindle
• High precision roller way table
• Table overall faltness within 0.00012″
• Auto lubrication on leadscrew and ways
• Fine grain high tensile meehanite casting
• Adjustable longitudinal stops
• Wheel guard with 8″ capacity

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Made in China

Standard Equipment:

• Grinding wheel
• Grinding wheel flange
• Wheel balancing arboe
• Diamond wheel dresses
• Work lamp
• Set-up tools
• Hoisting set
• Leveling pads
• Coolant/dust system

optional equipment

• N/A

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Main Parts Of  The Machine Such As Base, Column, Saddle Are Made of Meehanite High Quality Cast Iron, Which Are Stress Released By Annealing To Ensure Stable Rigidity And High Accuracy And Extend Machine Life

The sealed precision spindle cartridge provides low maintenance to  the 4 preloaded class 7 super precision angular contact ball bearings. Grinding operations that are performed  within  a temperature controlled room be will assured of  the maximum performance of an “Ultra Precision Spindle Rotation” that is free of  noise. Under these grinding conditions performance and accuracy is greatly enhanced; extending the life of the spindle. The spindle is directly mounted to the drive motor. This feature allows both High Torque as well as operating vibration free under heavy surface removal.

Both Longitudinal & Cross Slide-Ways Are Precisely Hand-Scraped And laminated With TURCITE-B Providing A Smooth Travels And Ever Low Wearing, Mostly Suitable For Grinding.
Ball Ways Are Available For Hand Feed Grinder. Finely Selected Steel Balls Are Utilized For A Light Grinding Jobs And Maximize Working Efficiency.
Cross Slideways On “DOUBLE VEES” Structure To Ensure The Highest Accuracy

Automatic Lubrication System Is Furnished As Standard To Provide Ample Lubrication On All Slideways And Leadscrews Enabling A Smooth Movement So As To Minimize Wearing Possibility.

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